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When limbs are torn from bodies like papers from a pad
And the smell of rotten corpses makes everyone go mad
Revenge is taken with an eye for an eye, a mum for a dad

When bodies are torn apart and as easily lives are torn asunder
Atrocities of the most horrible kind kill any sense of wonder
Ravens feed on the diceased, instead of sunshine there's thunder

When a whole island shakes under the force of explosions
A nation's heart is smashed into tiny bullet-sized portions
Roaring military planes mess with people's mind and emotions

When howling sirens and thundering gunfire always resound
Any kind of solace not even in music will now be found
Rhapsodies are now bloody, no longer just a bohemian sound

When school buildings are in ruins and future's are at stake
And sleepless people at daytime into a new nightmare awake
Raising a child without protection makes a mother's heart quake

When the war of child soldiers and suicide bombers consists
And little to no hope for a peaceful solution in the future exists
Reaping mass karma of the unwholesome kind is what persists

When foreigners leave the country and even the UN seeks flight
A lost nation has to stand up, face truth and fight a lonely fight
Ravaged by war, the country is a terrible yet sadly familiar sight
Content speaks for itself...

The latest poem composed for my Sri Lanka anthology.
Whazel Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2008  Hobbyist Photographer
Truly touching, profoundly sad and can be related to much too many parts of this world.
devikafernando Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2008   Writer
exactly my thinking... :-(
thanks for the fave, darling! :hug:
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February 1, 2008
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